Business description

Go Japan Services

We are developing five businesses.
Go Japan Provides new value to everyone.



Go Japan provides communication services mainly for foreigners coming to Japan from all over the world. In addition, we provide communication lines that can be deployed to applications and OEM for sales agents.
【Main services】
・Mobile communication service(DoCoMo、Softbank)
・Corporate communication platform
・Device and application sales


Product Development

Go Japan captures the world's information and communications trends as globalization progresses, creating products and services required in various industries and business fields, and creating added value unique to Go Japan.
【Main services・Project】
・Global communication platform
・Mobile terminal development


Trading Business

we are dealing with changes in the consumption structure due to lifestyle changes in line with economic growth in emerging countries and regions centered on Asia, and are working on product sales and business construction based on the market and consumers.
【Main project】
・Import and sale of mobile-related products, unique home appliances and miscellaneous goods
・Food import, export, wholesale sales


Travel and tourism business

We provide services according to customer requests through planning and sales of tours for individuals and groups.
In addition, we provide a hotel and inn reservation agency platform for agents. If you would like an agency, please contact us via the inquiry form.
【Main Project】
・Hotel reservation platform


Event Planning

Go Japan organizes events such as international music and movies. In particular, we are coordinating events in Japan by famous artists from Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam. In addition, we will respond to various event plans according to customer requests.
【Main Project】
・Entertainment / Music Event Planning


Sales agent recruitment

Go Japan is looking for sales agents.
Please contact us here for more details.